Engaging Student Leaders

It's time to rebuild an authentic leadership experience for your students.


Student Leaders have lost their direction in recent years. Loss of responsibilities during social-distancing protocols, fewer kids opting into leadership positions, and schedules stretched so thin that leadership training has taken a back seat – sound familiar? From dorm proctors and prefects to team captains and student government, kids are eager to earn leadership positions but are not always sure what to do once they get there. That lack of clarity has lots of great kids disengaging from the process and the work. And their faculty mentors are just as frustrated as they try to regain lost momentum or reinvent tired orientations. 

You can hit the reset button on your Student Leadership Program, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

Build a Stronger Leadership Team

Student Leaders hold essential positions in your community. When adults and student leaders create a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment, the school provides a more meaningful experience for the entire student body.  It takes practice and reflection to build those skills as students decide how they want to use their position to better their environment. They need an expert to help them uncover their potential and come together to build a unified leadership team. 

Meet Maureen Harrison – Outermost Education’s Student Leadership expert. 

Maureen spent 28 years working with Student Leaders at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. Like you, Maureen had to figure out how to tap into the potential of each student leader, including the experienced leaders, the resume builders, and the eager learners. Maureen’s experiences as a Girl Scout Camp director helped her build an extensive toolbox of training techniques, including noncompetitive games, team-building exercises, and reflective conversations that have formed the backbone of her interactive sessions with students and the adults who mentor them.

Through their work with Maureen, student leaders will:

Get Beyond the Titles

Watch your leaders develop their confidence, their self-awareness, and their purpose. How would that change their experience in the dorms and all around campus?  Transforming your student leadership experience will transform your school and community.  We’re excited to be a part of your journey!

Purposeful leaders

Students who are leading on purpose with a clear direction and community focus

Meaningful training

Kids and adults walk away with tangible learning and practical skills 

A legacy of leadership

Students see your program as a place to thrive and want in, for the right reasons

Maureen did a great job during her session on cultivating student leadership. It provided a lot of perspective and made me reflect a lot on this past year. For instance, sitting down and thinking about how we expected a lot out of prefects without defining what their roles are and without our dorm faculty knowing what their responsibilities are. I appreciate that Maureen was also considerate of our team and willing to listen.

Workshop Attendee - CT

Get the Expert Help You Need to Reinvigorate Your Student Leaders

You don’t have to train your leaders all on your own. Your students are ready to strengthen their skills, learn new ways of leading, and contribute meaningfully to your leadership program. If you’re ready to partner with an expert and see immediate positive transformation in your program, let’s get started together. Click below to get in touch. 

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