From Fed Up to Fulfilled

Tired of Leaders & Staff Feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked and Undervalued?​

Let’s stop reacting and get more strategic

Only those of us who have worked in boarding schools know just how hard it can really be. The amount of parental expectations on kids and educators, feeling like you don’t have authority, but rather obligations, responsibilities, and risks. Being on call 24/7 and the frustration of constantly reacting to problems more than doing strategic work is exhausting. Not to mention watching students experimenting with drugs and alcohol and having it get in the way of school. I tried so hard (we all did!) but still felt like I was never getting it right.

After working in boarding schools for many years, I was just as fed up as you are. Working 60 hours a week with a baby at home was enough for me to hit my breaking point. Even though I had asked for change, my school could only support me so much with the resources that they had. I thought I would have to settle for exhaustion until I discovered a whole new way.

Meaningful Support for Boarding School Leaders & Their Staff

When I began working as a faculty member for The Association of Boarding Schools, my eyes were opened to the changes that were possible. I realized that it wasn’t just my school having these issues, but many other boarding schools as well. I was able to converse with other peers and colleagues and gain completely new insight into how boarding schools should and could be run.

Throughout my seven summers working here, I was able to learn and implement more effective strategies, policies, and structures for staff and school leaders. Strategies that vastly reduced overwhelm and increased student engagement. I discovered that more resources are possible, and better ways of staffing can be implemented.

You shouldn’t have to quit. There are better ways, even if they seem completely out of reach. Your school can have a deeply engaging student experience while also stopping burnout in its tracks.

I’ve combined everything that I’ve learned over my years of experience into a one-of-a-kind consulting and coaching program called “Meaningful Support For Boarding School Staff and Their Leaders,” which has already created massive changes across North American Boarding Schools. I’m confident that it can change your school for the better as well.

Imagine Your School Being Completely Supported​

Imagine a staffing system that doesn’t feel broken. A school environment where everybody feels valued for their expertise and job roles are clearly defined. One where staff isn’t constantly being asked to do more work and where there are clear distinctions between personal and professional life. It may sound far-fetched, I know, but I promise you it is more than possible for your school.


Administrators and school leaders take the initiative and make promises that they keep


Students are focused, on task, and there are enough resources to meet their needs


Distinctions between personal and professional life are clearly defined and respected.

Overcome the Overwhelm & Create a Better Learning Environment

There’s a way out of being overworked and overwhelmed. A way where priorities are clear instead of always shifting. Where school leadership makes promises that they can keep. I’ve been through it all and I’m here to help your school get to the other side. If you’re ready to start seeing your school leaders taking the initiative, feeling confident that there are enough resources to help students, and having a staffing system that works, let’s get started. Click below to get in touch.

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