The New Perspective of Learning

The relationship between learning and simply completing assignments has been a complex one in the education system for many years. The pandemic has not changed that; however, our current reality has certainly amplified it. I have personally experienced this as a college student. As a tutor during the pandemic, I have seen the shift inContinue reading “The New Perspective of Learning”

The Home Becoming the Classroom

The basis for remote learning relies on the teachers only partially, outside factors have a far greater impact than ever before in our new realm of education. Each student comes from a different background with their challenges, some far worse than others. During these times each factor is amplified. While some with supportive, or atContinue reading “The Home Becoming the Classroom”

Different Classrooms, Different Challenges

It is imperative to comprehend the differences in subject matters when allowing for a better understanding of pandemic education. Whether students are learning remotely or in some sort of hybrid learning environment it is crucial to consider how the content of what they are learning impacts the way in which they comprehend. Today I willContinue reading “Different Classrooms, Different Challenges”

Persistent Sense of Hopefulness

The pandemic holds an enormous impact on students and teachers in our school system. Most articles and observers focus solely on the negative consequences of education during COVID, and rightfully so, but there is also is an interesting balance of discovering the silver lining during the unprecedented chaos. This lining takes on many different formsContinue reading “Persistent Sense of Hopefulness”