Divisiveness and the Education System

A couple weeks ago my hometown held a “Let Them Learn” rally in response to schools shutting down across the state. I found this slogan to be particularly odd, as if one side was fundamentally against allowing children to learn, while also implying that the learning ends outside the walls of the school, discrediting theContinue reading “Divisiveness and the Education System”

New Testing’s Implications within Education

The trucks containing the new vaccine are traveling throughout the country along with the news and opinions swirling around it. There is a definite shift in the outlook of the next couple of months along with this news. This change will be far from immediate, and it is important to consider and continue to utilizeContinue reading “New Testing’s Implications within Education”

The Shifting Role of Caregivers

The new reality created within the household by the pandemic allows for a dynamic that hasn’t existed prior to remote learning. The roles in every household have shifted according to these unprecedented times. With children at home and some family members there in whatever form as well, there is a shift no matter familial circumstances.Continue reading “The Shifting Role of Caregivers”