This blog marks the last in my series on Education Amidst a Pandemic. I am so grateful to Jackie and Outermost Education for the opportunity to be able to research and write for this blog. I have learned so much over the past five months and it has allowed me to perceive education in a completely different light. The pandemic has wrecked so many lives and illuminated even more underlying issues in our country and our world. The education system faces the brunt of many of these issues. Analyzing it under the context of the pandemic allows for a greater understanding of education as a whole.

I set out to explore education during the pandemic and discovered so much more. As someone who is searching for a career in the education world, it was incredibly informative and enlightening to be able to research the influence the pandemic holds on it and the potential implications that the future may hold. I was able to converse with educators on their experience, hear directly from the source how their world has been completely flipped. I used their thoughts combined with my research to illustrate the impact that the coronavirus has had on education. The terror and tragedy that have come with the pandemic have cost families across the country their livelihood and happiness. While we grieve over the past year it is equally important to acknowledge the new perspective that we have gained because of it. Students and teachers are now able to understand each other in a completely different light, hopefully gaining a new sense of respect on both ends. We as a people now have a fuller understanding of education.

Though the future of education in this country is uncertain, the past year has taught us so much about the system as a whole. We do not know what is coming and although the pandemic has been horrible, we must look at the silver linings and perceive the benefits that it has inevitably given us. I am hopeful for the rest of the year and truly believe that schools and educators will come out of this stronger than before.

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