Delivering honest perspective for boarding school communities through residential program audits, policy consultation, and professional coaching services for faculty, administrators, and parents.

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Outermost Education Services, we believe that even the most seasoned school professionals can benefit from the assistance of an outsider’s opinion. Our range of personalized consulting services is customized to fit your needs and resources.

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As a former Dean of Residential Life, Dorm Head, English Teacher, Coach, Advisor, and Boarding School Graduate, Jackie knows boarding school. Collaborate with a true boarding school pro for the best boarding school experience.

Transform your program through honest feedback from a neutral party. You love your school; we love helping schools grow. We will help you establish measurable program goals and update policy language to better serve your community.

Engage with a coach who knows the joy and challenges of boarding school. Flexible scheduling for phone calls or video chats to help your new faculty and mid-career professionals grow in their evolving roles. Unbiased mentoring with just one goal in mind; to make your team stronger for improved student experiences.

With students at the center of everything we do, we are here to support families throughout the boarding school experience, from the initial school search through your student’s final days on campus, we want to help you get the most out of your investment. Your advisor will strategize with you to be the best boarding school parent you can be and help you resolve key concerns to improve your child’s outcomes.

Jackie was a great support to me as a mom. She was kind and supportive of me, helped to communicate my worries and fears to the teachers, and she was instrumental in helping us navigate and manage some stressful times to a successful conclusion!

Angela Keef, P’20 Tilton School, NH

Jackie is a dynamic educator who understands the many complexities of boarding schools. While possessing this wealth of knowledge, Jackie has a keen talent for connecting with people in a variety of settings and making the learning experience significant, interesting, and fun for all involved.

Doug Dickson, Episcopal High School, VA


Outermost Education Services offers an individualized approach to program growth, advising, and mentoring that you won’t find anywhere else, and we’re ready to help you add value to your boarding school experience today.

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