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When It Comes to Your School…​

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Are your leaders & staff being pulled in too many directions with never enough planning time?


Are lines of personal and professional often blurred with no work-life balance?

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Frustrated that your staff are always reacting to problems more than doing strategic work?

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Jackie O’Rourke, Consulting & Coaching for Boarding School Leaders & Their Staff

Working at a boarding school can be a recipe for burnout and overwhelm. The lines between personal and professional are often blurred, job descriptions are unclear, parental expectations are through the roof, and in many cases, there are not enough resources to meet student needs. On top of that, many of us take our student’s failures personally. I get it. I’ve been there firsthand.

I’ve spent years working in boarding schools and their professional development organizations. I’ve uncovered the strategies and structural changes schools need to minimize stress and burnout while maximizing student engagement. It’s now my passion to create widespread positive change in boarding school culture, and I’d love nothing more than to share my expertise with your school.

Signature Coaching Program

From Fed Up to Fulfilled Signature Coaching & Consulting Program

My consulting and coaching program is designed specifically for overworked and overwhelmed boarding school leaders and their staff. There is a solution for those who are fed up with their expertise being undermined, are constantly being asked to take on more work, and are tired of seeing students struggling with focus. Together, we’ll design a plan that works for your school to create a better learning environment, increase student engagement, and end staff burnout. Click below if your school is ready for more meaningful support for its leaders and staff.

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